Great views are one of the best parts of staying at a hotel. The guest experience is heightened by a room that looks comfortable and welcoming, is full of plenty of natural light, and has great views of the city skyline or surrounding scenery. Yet at the same time, the privacy of people coming to stay at a hotel has to be protected, which means that windows have to be kept covered or altered in some manner so that strangers outside can’t see straight into the rooms.

This places hotel managers in a difficult predicament. How are hotels supposed to be able to protect guest privacy without blocking out light and views? Fortunately, resolving this matter isn’t as complicated as it seems. Installing privacy window film for your Oakland hotel can help you protect privacy without obstructing views or the transmittance of natural light.


Privacy Window Film for Optimal Light & Views

Privacy window films are a stunning way to add privacy to a hotel. They can be incorporated into both common areas and guest rooms as well as employee areas that need to be concealed from the public. Frosted films, decorative patterns, and luxurious neutrals make an elegant addition to interior doors, windows, and glass wall separators. They’re a great way to reduce the transparency of glass for areas that need privacy. With privacy film, you don’t have to worry about putting holes in the wall to hang curtain rods or purchasing expensive drapes.

Benefits of Privacy Window Film

In addition to protecting guest privacy and confidentiality, privacy window films also provide Oakland hotels with other benefits as well such as:

  • Reduced glare on tv screens and computers in hotel restaurants, bars, and guest rooms
  • Protects upholstery, artwork, and flooring from destructive uv radiation and heat damage
  • Saves money on energy costs by shielding interior spaces from intense solar heat

Install Privacy Window Film for Your Hotel

Upgrade your hotel with privacy window film. Call Oakland window film today to schedule an appointment for installation.